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Work with David Lee

I am honored that you are considering working with me.

Helping home business entrepreneurs grow their business is my passion. If you own your own home business, I just want to say that I’m proud of you for taking control of your income and following your own passion.

If you already have a home business or network marketing business, I’d love to help you grow it. Whether you’re wanting to increase your networking and prospecting skills, create killer content that builds a loyal following, or build your brand online with a blog or through social media, contact me and let’s talk about what you need. Maybe you’re just getting started or feel like your business is in a rut. Initial consultations are always free and only take about 30-45 minutes. Here are a few of my services:

Home Business Coaching
Online Lead Generation
Content Marketing
WordPress Websites
Social Media Marketing
Marketing and Training Tools
Networking and Team Building

According to a 2010 study by Intuit, more than 40 percent of the US workforce will be freelancers by 2020. That’s more than 60 million people! Also, 79 percent of on-demand workers said they were part-time. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that between 2009 and 2012, temporary employees rose by 29 percent.

Entrepreneurship is on the rise, and the economy is being taken over by home business owners, freelancers and contract workers. You could say that the power is shifting away from corporations and to the individual. Congratulations for taking advantage of this shift.

Let’s go grow your business!


Why I Chose My Home Business Company

If you are looking to build your own business, I’d love to show you what I do to create a residual income for my family. I have worked with many home-based business companies in a third-party capacity creating marketing and business-building materials that millions of independent distributors have used to grow their businesses.

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet and consult with many leaders with some very impressive and successful companies.

Over my career, I have seen just about every type of home business opportunity you could imagine. I decided to partner with a company that I have now been with since 2011. There were a few key things I was looking for:

  • A service that everyone habitually uses every minute of every day and pays for almost unconsciously. This is a service that remains in people’s budget even when things get tight, and I get to help them pay less for it.
  • Leaderships and integrity. This is a big one. The co-founders of our company have maintained a laser-focus in our industry without chasing the next shiny toy. The company’s mission statement is all about integrity.
  • Teamwork and a culture of personal development. It’s difficult to describe the level of teamwork and genuine care the people in my company have for each others’ success. If you like working with and learning from like-minded people, that’s exactly the culture that exists here.
  • A business I could work from anywhere. Because we don’t have products or an inventory, the business can be  worked from anywhere. Of course, we have local meetings and trainings from time to time, but the majority of the business can be worked no matter where you are. If you have a phone and an Internet connection, you can do it.
  • A system that is simple to learn and simple to duplicate. We have a simple and specific system that has helped our company become one of the fastest companies to $1 billion in history. The system is also highly dublicatable so that even someone new can turn around and teach it to someone else.

It’s never easy to grow a significant home business, but what we do is very simple. If you are willing to put in the consistent effort, even on a very part-time basis, this system is designed to create lasting residual income that pays you month after month after month.

Who I’m Looking For

If you weren’t entrepreneur-minded, you probably wouldn’t be reading this. I’m always looking to partner with like-minded, ambitious people to help them reach their goals. Here are some qualities I am looking for in a business partner:

Someone who is coachable. This is a team game, and you have to learn from those who are having success.
Someone who is willing to sacrifice. Everyone has a different level of commitment based on their goals, but there is always a level of sacrifice that you have to make in order to get something you have never had.
Someone who is willing to learn from failure. I believe true success is not possible without failure. Growth happens when we fail and learn from it.
Someone who has a positive attitude and hates excuses. I love surrounding myself with like-minded people with a positive attitude.
Someone who has a desire to succeed and build something they own. You can’t replace desire. If you have a burning inside you to own your income stream, you’re already on your way to building something big.

If this sounds like something you feel like you would be a fit for, or even if you would just like a little bit more information, please click the application link below to request more info on working with David.


Oh, and if you like to have a fun while making money, you’ll probably fit right in. Here are some pics of my team at events and on team getaways: