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I have been fortunate to work with major organizations including the NFL, NFL Players Association, NBA, several top sports memorabilia companies, and hundreds of professional athletes.

I’ve served as managing editor for national newsstand sports and business magazines. I have also created effective business-building tools and marketing materials for companies with annual revenues of hundreds of millions of dollars. Working with incredibly talented designers, photographers and writers has taught me so much about what it takes to create content that converts.

Your business might simply be missing some killer content that is both professional and effective. I would love to help you with that and teach you how to create content that tells a compelling story and, ultimately, brings in more business.

Below you’ll find just a few of my writing and marketing examples, including nationally published magazines, business-building materials, feature articles and  more. Click the image to open a full PDF or larger image.



“Dream Matchup” – College Football Playoff National Championship Game Program

LSU-Clemson national title game provided the perfect cap to college football’s 150th season. This is the game matchup feature in the 2020 College Football Playoff National Championship Game program. Clemson was the defending national champions on a 29-game winning streak, while LSU was ranked #1. It was an epic clash with national award winners and future NFL draft picks all over the field.  CLICK IMAGE

“The Battle That Defined a Decade” – Beckett Vintage Collector

The NFL in the 1970s was a decade of struggle between the Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers that wouldn’t be settled until January 1979. It was a clash of north vs. south, NFC vs. AFC, Noll vs. Landry, Bradshaw vs. Staubach, the Hail Mary and The Immaculate Reception. This feature for Beckett Vintage Collector covers the impact the rivalry made on pro football.  CLICK IMAGE

“Ink & Paper” – The History of Sports Art

Sports and art have been a unique collaboration for decades, illustrating one of the world’s most passionate and valuable human experiences. Likewise, artwork and sports cards have created some of the most beautiful and timeless markers of history. This feature for The History of Sports Art special-edition magazine looks at the natural and important collaboration of artwork and sports cards dating back to the turn of the century.  CLICK IMAGE

“GO PACK GO!” – Beckett Vintage Collector

Vince Lombardi’s Packers of the 1960s were one of the most dominating dynasties in sports history. This feature for Beckett Vintage Collector dives into their amazing run and looks at more than 10 Hall of Famers who made up those teams. It includes key football cards for collectors and investors to consider adding to their collections.  CLICK IMAGE

“The Man in the Hat” – Beckett Vintage Collector

Tom Landry’s lasting impact on the game of football and the city of Dallas is immeasurable. This feature examines the legendary Cowboys head coach’s philosophy of the game and how it changed football forever. It illustrates Landry’s career from the team’s first year through its unmatched run of 20-consecutive winning seasons. CLICK IMAGE

“Perfectly Prophetic” – Beckett Vintage Collector

This feature article dives into the 1957 Topps Football card set and how it was the perfect reflection of the teams and players that would dominate the NFL in the coming decade. It’s one of the most impactful and value football card sets ever created. CLICK IMAGE

“One Round with Georges St-Pierre” – Beckett Sports Card Monthly

Georges St-Pierre (GSP) is arguably the greatest fighter in UFC history. This is an exclusive Q&A with the legendary fighter correlating with the exclusive deal for Topps to create UFC-licensed trading cards. The feature also reviewed the Topps UFC cards and promoted other GSP merchandise. CLICK IMAGE


“Bringing Daddy Home” – Success from Home

These profiles in Success from Home magazine tell the success stories of four home business owners (bylines are wrong in PDFs!). PREVIEW:

The necklace Terry Thedford put in his bulletproof vest as he left for work every day carried a message: “Please keep Daddy safe. We love him very much. Amen.” It was a gift from his three daughters, and a constant reminder that something had to change. CLICK IMAGE

“Aaaaand We’re Live!” – Direct Selling News

Direct Selling News is the direct selling industry’s most trusted and informative publication. It’s a monthly magazine and website read by top company executives and influencers. This article covers the top Facebook Live updates and trends, focusing on how direct sellers can use it to grow their businesses. CLICK IMAGE

“Under the Influence” – Direct Selling News

The concept of working with celebrities to promote brands is evolving into highly targeted campaigns with online influencers. Influencer marketing is now big business, and according to the experts, it is only going to grow. This article looks at how this form of marketing could affect the direct selling industry, and how it’s changing customer behavior. CLICK IMAGE

“Podcast Revolution” – Direct Selling News

Video may be taking over the internet, but voice and audio are carving out a huge piece of the future of online marketing. With the rise of voice-activated assistant devices such as Amazon Eco and Google Home, people are becoming more accustomed to consuming audio content on multiple devices. Although podcasts are nothing new, they are skyrocketing in popularity… CLICK IMAGE

“Perfect Fit” – Success from Home

Ambit Energy is a $1 billion American business success story. The #1 direct seller of energy in the world sets the standard for leadership, technology and opportunity. Co-founders Jere Thompson, Jr., and Chris Chambless started Ambit from scratch and lead it to it’s #1 ranking on the Inc. 500 list as the fastest-growing company in America. CLICK IMAGE

“BrandU” – Direct Selling News

When building their direct sales business online, should independent distributors promote a company, or the products and services upfront, or is it more effective to brand themselves first? Current online trends point to the latter. This feature for Direct Selling News examines the benefits and concerns of independent distributors branding themselves online to build a loyal following.  CLICK IMAGE



This is an 80-page custom magazine created for Pruvit, a growing 1-year-old supplement company wanting to take their message and brand to the next level. I served as managing editor on this issue, assigning and editing articles, coordinating with photographers and a team of designers to ensure the client’s brand and message was clear throughout. Click to see the cover and two articles I wrote. CLICK IMAGE

SUCCESS from Home

This custom magazine was created for $1 billion energy giant Ambit Energy to help tell their story and market their services. I wrote the cover feature and several other features on the opportunity the company provides for customers and its field of independent marketing consultants. Click the image to read the features and two success stories of top consultant leaders. CLICK IMAGE

SUCCESS from Home

This was a national newsstand magazine highlighting Beachbody, one of the most successful heath and fitness companies in the world. It helped stregthen the company’s brand, tell their story, and serves as a marketing too for Beachbody coaches. Click the image to read features I wrote on celebrity trainers Tony Horton and Chalene Johnson. CLICK IMAGE

Beckett Sports Video Gamer – Madden 09

This custom magazine was created in partnership with EA SPORTS and the famous Madden video game franchise. The magazine featured team-by-team strategy guides, interviews with the creators of the game, the history of the franchise, the music behind the game and much more. CLICK IMAGE


The Extra Yard –
College Football Playoff Foundation

The CFPF is the charitable arm of the College Football Playoff, using the popular platform of college football and the national championship game to support education across the country. I  write and copy edit for the monthly newsletter supporting teachers through Extra Yard for Teachers. CLICK IMAGE

The Bowl Game Experience – Football Bowl Association

The Football Bowl Association’s mission is to protect college football bowl games while embracing and honoring the bowl experience for present and future generations. The newsletter was created in celebration of the 150th Anniversary of college football. Click to read the cover story I wrote in the first issue. CLICK IMAGE

The hope Movement – EvolvHeath

This eight-page journal was created for EvolvHealth to help tell their story during their re-brand. It focuses on the company’s charity efforts bringing food to impoverished children in Mexico. CLICK IMAGE (Large File – sorry!).




Training Guides

I love helping home business owners grow their business. I’ve worked with many successful companies creating training guides and tools that help their field of distributors launch and grow their business the right way. CLICK IMAGES


Product Brochures

Complete product brochures illustrate a new brand and instructions on taking the product for a supplement company.