4 Roofing Proximity Marketing Ideas that Work

Roofing Proximity Marketing Ideas
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Marketing your roofing business online may seem confusing, but the latest technology gives you a one-stop shop for marketing to people in a specified region. Here are four proven roofing proximity marketing ideas that actually work!

Target Areas BEFORE a Hail Storm

If a specific area has a high chance of getting hit by a hail storm, proximity marketing allows you to digitally advertise your roofing business and service to people in that specific area.

Let’s say there is a 3-mile radius expected to be hit the worst. A good roofing proximity marketing strategy is to create a digital ad speaking specifically to that area.

Roofing Proximity Marketing Hail Storm

Roofing companies pay close attention to storms and weather radar. Many even keep track of the size of hail.

This knowledge can be used for some powerful roofing proximity marketing ideas.

You can quickly create a landing page detailing your services, or playing a short video offering expert advice on what to do before or after a hail storm to protect your property.

If people see you before the hail storm hits, they are more likely to remember and recognize you after the storm.

Run Proximity Marketing Ads that Offer Value

The #1 mistake roofers make when trying to generate online roofing leads: they try to sell.

We’re being sold to every waking minute these days. It’s tempting to go right for the sale, but proximity marketing can go much further helping you build a brand and a trusted loyal customer base.

Instead of trying to sell people and tell them how great your roofing business is, try offering genuine value.

What does that look like? Teach. Educate. Answer questions.

Create roofing proximity marketing ads that teach people how to look for roof damage.

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Target a specific neighborhood that is older and teach people about different types of roofs or shingles that last longer.

Let people know about your other services and products other than roofing. Many times, roof damage also requires repairs such as siding, gutters and windows.

Focus Roofing Marketing on Specific Neighborhoods

There may be specific neighborhoods you want to get more business from. Proximity marketing gives you the control to digitally advertise to small or large neighborhoods.

The latest proximity marketing technology gives you the power to select an area on a map to target. So, you don’t even need to be in the area for your ad to reach those people.

There may be neighborhoods that are in need of roof repairs, or finally experiencing damage from a bad storm season.

This is a good opportunity for roofing digital marketing that speaks specifically to people in that neighborhood. You can even take some pictures of yourself or your crew around the neighborhood.

Try shooting a video in a recognizable spot in the area and use that for your proximity marketing ad or landing page.  

Advertise Commercial Roofing Service

Proximity Marketing Commercial Roofing

If your company performs commercial roofing service, then you can use proximity marketing to target industrial or downtown areas with a high concentration of commercial buildings.

This can be a totally different message than the one meant for residential customers. Proximity marketing allows you to easily and quickly create different ads and different landing pages for different target markets.

Commercial roofing marketing may have specific terms associated with commercial or business buildings. This is why targeting areas with a high concentration of commercial buildings can be so effective with proximity marketing.

If you have any questions about how to use proximity marketing to get more loyal customers for your roofing business, contact me any time. Would love to help!

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