8 Unique Real Estate Proximity Marketing Strategies

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If you’re looking for some unique and effective online real estate marketing strategies, proximity marketing is one of the hottest trends in the industry.

Not familiar with how it works?

Proximity marketing allows you to digitally market or advertise to people in a specific region through their online device (phone, tablet, laptop, etc.) without needing to know the phone number, email or IP address of that device.

Your ad message appears on just about every social platform you can name, plus the top websites relevant to your industry and ad message.

This real estate marketing strategy is all about getting your name out there and building your brand as an experienced real estate agent in specific areas you want to target.

So, here are eight unique real estate proximity marketing strategies you can use with this technology.

1. Use proximity marketing for an open house.

This is probably the most common effective use for realtors. With digital proximity marketing, you can advertise multiple open houses at one time, targeting specific neighborhoods by selecting an area on a map, and then widening or tightening the selected area.

The landing page linked to your ad can include as many pictures or videos of the house as you want.

Embed a walk-through video, create an image gallery, include the days and hours of the open house all with a simple drag-and-drop feature.

Use the capture from (again, simple drag and drop feature) to capture emails or other contact information to remind people of the open house when it gets closer.

THE BIG IDEA: Target a specific open house to people in a specific region.

2. Market to large business headquarters moving to your area.

I live in the Dallas area, and the real estate market regularly benefits from business moving to North Texas. Toyota moved nearly 3,000 workers here several years ago, and it’s looking more and more likely that Uber will move its headquarters here from California, also transplanting roughly 3,000 employees.

Capitalizing on major corporate moves like these is a terrific real estate marketing strategy, especially using proximity marketing.

Because your ad and message is targeted to specific areas, you could advertise to a major corporate headquarters that will be moving to your area. Speak directly to those employees who will be looking for a place to live.

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As an experienced realtor in your area, you can market yourself to these people and begin building trust. The lading page lined to your ad could include some need-to-know facts about your area.

This gives you the opportunity to present yourself to a new audience who will look to you as an authority.

THE BIG IDEA: Proximity marketing allows you to target any area you choose, even in another state or country.

3. Create separate and specific landing pages for different audiences.

Real Estate Marketing Landing Pages

One of the most powerful proximity marketing real estate tools with this platform is the ability to create multiple landing pages targeted to specific audiences.

For example, you may want to target people living in apartments and create an ad and landing page speaking to first-time home buyers.

Offer your top tips for first-time home buyers. The landing pages let you include simple forms for people to enter their contact information.

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Want to get more business in the hottest real estate market in your area? The proximity marketing technology lets you target that area with a specific message to those people.

Take a picture of yourself in a well-known location or landmark in the area that people will instantly recognize. Record a short video of yourself with a message to people there.

THE BIG IDEA: Individual landing pages allow you to create highly targeted messages to specific people. The platform gives you unlimited landing pages.

4. Offer a free real estate guide to specific territories.

Online Real Estate Marketing Tips

One of the best online real estate marketing strategies is to provide as much value as you can.

Create a digital PDF guide or info graphic full of tips, suggestions and information about a specific area. This can make a great giveaway for people who enter their email on a landing page.

It’s also a great way to build trust and presents you as an authority in the area. The guide does not have to look fancy. Just provide valuable information.

THE BIG IDEA: Win over potential clients by bringing them genuine value.

5. Take pictures of yourself in the neighborhoods you target.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies for Appartments

As mentioned above, taking pictures of yourself and recording short videos in the areas you are marketing to is a great way to create a relevant message.

People in a certain area will recognize where you are. Stand in front of a neighborhood sign. Go to a community park, historic downtown area, or any other recognizable landmarks that set the area apart.

The key with this strategy is relevancy. What sets real estate proximity marketing apart from other strategies is the ability to create highly targeted and relevant ad messages to specific audiences based on location.

So… make sure your message includes elements (images, videos, written text, etc.) relevant to the target area you’re marketing to.

THE BIG IDEA: Be relevant to your targeted area!

6. Market to new neighborhoods and apartments.

Getting your name and brand out there to new housing developments can help you get a jump on the real estate market before people start locking in new homes.

Think of this marketing strategy as sort of a land rush.

Your landing page can include some valuable information about the neighborhood, local restaurants, schools, parks and more. Show your potential clients who are considering moving to the neighborhood that you are an expert who wants to help.

If you want to market to people living in apartments, find areas that have a cluster of apartment complexes. Many complexes have several hundred units, which means you can target your ad message to a lot of people in a condensed area.

Many people live in an apartment before moving to a house, so think about the demographic in the apartments you’re targeting.

The proximity marketing technology lets you set specific parameters such as gender, age and interests. You can even set your ad to show up during certain hours.  

THE BIG IDEA: Stake your claim in the hot real estate markets you want to do business in.

7. Try targeting areas with LESS population.

Really? I get it, this might sound completely counterproductive.

However, you might find that an effective real estate marketing strategy is to target a smaller area so that people see your ad message several times. The proximity market platform guarantees you a certain number of impressions per month.

As an example, if you have 10,000 guaranteed ad impressions, that probably doesn’t mean that 10,000 people are seeing your ad one time each.

It could mean that 2,000 people see your ad five times each, or that 1,000 people see it 10 times.

It’s up to you to decide your goal, but typically, people need to see an ad message at least five times before taking any sort of action.

A smaller number of people in the right target market can generate better results that a larger number of people. So, several ad impressions from the same people can be a great strategy.

THE BIG IDEA: Sometimes, quantity is more important.

8. Review detailed analytics to help you be even more effective.

Real Estate Marketing Analytics

The digital proximity marketing technology shows you detailed data on the activity of your ads.

You can track clicks, landing page views, demographics of your visitors, and of course the contact information of the leads you capture.

All this information can help you adjust your real estate marketing to be more effective because it reveals what’s working. It also tells you more about what messages are connecting with certain demographics in certain locations.

THE BIG IDEA: Measure and adjust. Measure and adjust. Measure and adjust.

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