Royaltie Affiliate Program Review – Is it Worth It?

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The Royaltie affiliate program can be a lucrative revenue source as you refer its complete digital marketing platform.

Royaltie is the first all-in-one digital marketing platform powered by artificial intelligence. It’s a terrific option for small businesses and includes online ads, proximity ad targeting, guaranteed ad impressions, custom landing pages, tons of free images, lead capture forms, email marketing, analytics and social media posts.

And you can do it all for less than $100 per month.

Plus, the artificial intelligence engine is always optimizing and recommending the best-performing images, landing page templates, social media posts and more.

There is no additional cost to become an affiliate with Royaltie, other than purchasing your monthly digital marketing package for your own business. In other words, you must remain an active customer.

Royaltie Affiliates Focus on Customers

While Royaltie’s compensation plan does include multiple levels, it does not work like a traditional MLM or network marketing company. The focus is on personal customers and not on recruiting more affiliates.

The company wants people actually using and benefiting from the platform, generating leads and growing their marketing lists. Check out this post on How Royaltie Proximity Marketing Works.

Royaltie Affiliate Compensation Plan

Royaltie Affiliate Compensation Plan 2019
Royaltie Affiliate Compensation Plan – Updated 2019 (click to enlarge)

The vast majority of the compensation payout is on the subscriptions of your personal Royaltie customers (Level 1) and the customers of any affiliates that you personally sign up (Level 2). Yes, these could be regular customers who decide to refer the platform as affiliates.

The combination of these two levels is called Subscription Volume.

You do need three active Level 1 customers to begin earning commissions. Your personal subscription does not count toward these volumes.

The compensation plan chart below shows the commission amounts you earn from each level. Payouts are the following month based on the volume you achieved.

As you can see, it is highly focused on your customers and the customers they refer.

You do have to maintain the minimum Subscription Volume level detailed at each level to maintain the monthly commission amount for that level.

You can begin earning commissions on Levels 3 through 8 (based on a percentage of customer subscriptions on those levels) once your Subscription Volume reaches certain amounts. The levels go deeper when your total Subscription Volume hits a new level.

Royaltie Leadership Commission Payout

There is a new Leadership Bonus that pays out when you reach a certain level (again, based on your Subscription Volume).

For example, if your Subscription Level reaches $250 in a month, which places you at the Bronze Level, you earn an extra $50 in addition to your regular commission.

Your rank must be the same or higher than a Royaltie affiliate on your first level to earn this bonus. Because, if they have a higher rank than you, they would earn the Leadership Bonus at their level.

Royaltie Affiliate Training and Support

In addition to the affiliate compensation, Royaltie also provides training and support. This can be from the corporate team and from the team of affiliates you join.

Try Royaltie Proximity Marketing Free

Training includes a full back-office with videos, downloadable PDFs, tips and testimonials. Based on the subscription package you buy, you have access to live webinar corporate support.

Royaltie’s founder and CEO makes himself available for regular live Facebook Q&A sessions.

Many affiliate teams hold local trainings, weekly webinars or calls to share tips and ideas.

So, if you’re serious about building a Royaltie affiliate business, you can plug into a lot of training and support.

If you’d like to learn more about the Royaltie digital marketing platform or the affiliate program, just contact me here or just click here to see how it works and get started for free.

Royaltie Digital Marketing Package Options

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