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Everyone is busy.

Well, at least everyone thinks they’re busy.

With four young kids, I’m as busy as anyone I know. The truth is, I have the exact same amount of time in my day as anyone else. And so do you.

One of the biggest excuses people give for not working their part-time business is “not enough time.” Here’s the dealio: There are 1,440 minutes in a day and 10,080 minutes in a week. If you treat your business like a real business, you will devote some consistent time to it. That’s going to be  different for everyone.

For some people that might be just 30 minutes a day (which is 2 percent of the day). For others, it might be a few hours a day. “Having” the time isn’t the issue. Carving out the time is what matters. So, here are a few simple and practical ideas anyone can do to carve out time for your part-time home business.

Divide the Time You Work Your Part-Time Business

Think you need to work your part-time home business in one large block of time. Nope nope nope!

One of the best ways to avoid getting overwhelmed is to break up the time throughout your day that you devote to your business. Maybe you work 30 minutes in the morning, 15 minutes at lunch and 30 minutes at night. Maybe you do two “power hours” during the day. Whatever makes sense for you, just be consistent with it.

Consistency, and creating a habit, is the key. However you decide to break up your schedule, make sure it’s doable. It has to be reasonable. You might need to make further adjustments to make it work, but once you find a grove, lock it in!


You’ll be amazed at how much time you really have in a day when you make an effort to do it.

Add Up the Time You Spend Doing “Stuff”


We all have non-essential things we do throughout the day. Watch TV, play video games, etc. Go through your day and add all the time you spend doing things from getting ready in the morning, driving to work, eating lunch, taking breaks at work, chilling out at home, etc.

I’m not saying you should eliminate all these things, but I bet you’ll be surprised at how much time you spending doing them. Once you add the total time, multiply it by seven days a week.

Figure how much time you need to work your business within a week and see how that compares to the time you added up. That will help you decide how much time to carve out for your business daily and weekly.

Set Your Goals


How can you know how much time you need to devote for your business if you don’t know how much you want or need to make?

Start with goals. If you want to make a certain amount of income, calculate the activity required to earn than amount. Then calculate the number of hours per week you’ll need to work to accomplish that activity. From there you can calculate the days and the hours or minutes per day you need to work to accomplish your goals.

You can adjust and recalculate this whenever you need to.

Earlier or Later?

Most people are either morning people or night people. Get up early or work late at night. Me, I’m a night person. I’d rather crush it until 3:00 a.m. than wake up even an hour early.

Whatever is good for you, do that.

But no matter what your current schedule is like, you can make a little more time in the morning or a little more time at night. Wake up a little earlier or stay up a little later. And remember, I’m the guy with four kids, all in elementary school. So, I definitely know how crazy mornings and nights can be.

It’s Not Really About Time

I’ve written about this before. Time isn’t the real issue.

Priorities are the real issue. I’ve always told people in my business that if you all of the sudden were earning thousands of dollars a month, I 100 percent guarantee you would suddenly and MAGICALLY have the time to work your business.

With a business, you have to be willing to put in the time and effort BEFORE the money comes. Priorities are what really matter. Organize your priorities the right way, and the time issue practically takes care of itself.


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