How to Never Run Out of Blog Post Ideas

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Do you have a blog but you hardly every post because you just don’t think you have enough good ideas?

Or maybe you are thinking about starting a blog but don’t think you will have enough content to regularly post.

This is one of the most common excuses I’ve heard when helping people set up their blog or website. I used to feel the same way until I discovered a few ridiculously simple tips to build a nearly endless and on-going list of blog topic ideas. These tips are something that you can start doing right now and I promise you, you will have a growing list of great blog post ideas TODAY!

Write Down Your Blog Ideas Immediately!

IMG_2858A lot of people who say they don’t have enough blog ideas actually have plenty of ideas. They just forget them.

Any time you get an idea for your blog, write it down immediately. I can’t tell you how important it is to capture your idea right when it pops in your head. As soon as I got the idea to write this blog post, I pulled out my phone and typed the idea into my Evernote app.

Evernote works great for me, and I definitely suggest your check it out. You can create different categories and tags (such as “business,” “home,” “hobbies,” etc.), and you can sync your notes on your phone with the Evernote program on your computer.

Maybe you just use the notes feature on your phone or tablet. Or maybe you use an old-school notepad. Whatever. The important thing is to get it out of your head and capture it somewhere. This way, you have a growing list of ideas and you don’t have to worry about remembering them. Before I started doing this I would forget so many ideas and it frustrated the hell out of me.

Start doing this throughout your day and see how many ideas you capture by the end of the day.

Pay Attention to the Questions People Ask

Your blog exists to provide helpful information. Use it as a tool to offer your expertise and to express your passion. It should solve problems and answer questions.

So, pay attention to the questions people are asking about your business, topic or industry. For example, my wife is terrific as applying makeup and wants to look at a career in that niche when she goes back to work full-time. She has a background in salons and studies a lot of cosmetic application techniques. A lot of her friends and co-workers are always asking her questions about how she puts on her makeup and what products she uses.

These questions are totally natural and unsolicited. I’ve been trying to get her to create a blog offing makeup tips and answering the types of questions she gets. Heck, I even told her I’d write it!

This is exactly the type of opportunities to be paying attention to when you’re just going about your day. If you are an expert on something or have a passion about something, people likely are asking you questions about what you know.

Turn those questions into blog posts where you answer those questions. If someone asks you a question, there are others out there who have the same question. That’s the opportunity to provide value and solve people’s problems. This is another chance to write down your blog idea immediately. When you get those questions, write them down!

Search Forums and Comments

One of the best places to find blog ideas is on forums, message boards and comments . Find other websites that are in your niche, topic or industry and dig around in the message boards. You will definitely find people asking each other questions. Why? Because people on there typically are experts on those topics.

Spend a little more time on there and find questions that are repeated. Those are going to be hot topics or areas of need for people. Again, create blog posts answering these questions or topics. All those questions are openings for you to help solve people’s problem with your blog.

Take this post as an example. I know there are a ton of people out there who think they run out of blog topic ideas or think they don;t have enough good ideas. Soooo, I decided to write a blog post addressing that perceived problem.

How cool would it be if you had a big stash of blog posts that answer common questions in your business or topic and send those to people who are asking questions about the exact post you wrote. So, if you see people asking a question and you have a post that answers that question, you could send them a message saying, “Hi, I saw your questions about XYZ. I actually just wrote a blog post about that exact issue. It would provably help you, so let me know if you want the link.”

Other good places to find questions are Facebook pages and groups, hobby websites and how-to websites.

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