8 Successful Network Marketing Recruiting Phrases [Video]

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Over the years I’ve learned and developed several successful network marketing recruiting phrases that have greatly increased the number of people joining my business. I love these and use them all the time.

You’ll probably be surprised at how simple they are. Funny thing about network marketing recruiting is that the less you say, the better. And when you are talking, you should be asking questions. Your initial goal is not to convince them to join. Your job is to invite them to take a look or maybe try a sample of a product.

The great thing about these network marketing recruiting phrases is that they’re not pushy or salesy. They’re natural, non-intrusive and very hard to object to.

Here are my favorite recruiting phrases and why they’re so effective (be sure to scroll all the way down for a detailed video covering these):

“I’m in a hurry, but…”

When you’re inviting someone to check out your network marketing opportunity, always be in a hurry. Don’t linger. Being in a hurry sets the tone and let’s your prospect know that you don’t have time to chit chat. This helps eliminate you blabbing on about your company or opportunity and gets right to the invite.

The invite should be no more than 60 seconds. This isn’t the presentation, so make it quick.

So, the rest of this would go something like (I use this in my business):

“I’m in a hurry, but I wanted to see if you could do me a quick favor. It will only take you about 15 minutes.”

Notice that does not include any part of your company, product or service. You are just seeing if they will give you the short amount of time to show them your presentation.

This is one of my top four network marketing tips for adding more people to look at your business.

“Would you be open to…?”

This recruiting phrase is BANK! It’s not intrusive and the magic word is “open.” You are NOT asking someone to join or be a customer. You are simply asking if they are open to looking at a way to making some extra money.

This is a lot harder to say no to, because people don’t like to come across as being closed-minded. This also helps you figure out people’s mindset. If someone isn’t even open to looking at an opportunity, then they probably aren’t a good fit for your business anyway. And that’s OK. Just move on.

Here’s a great phrase I learned from Ray Higdon:

“Would you be open to other ways of making money if it didn’t interfere with what you’re already doing?”

“This may or may not be a fit for you…”

I love this one because it’s no-pressure. It lets them know that you’re not trying to get them to join or do something right away. It also conveys that you’re fine if they do or do not decide to join or buy from you. This is the posture you want. It’s your business and you are bringing an opportunity to them. Remember, you don’t need them.

Don’t be addicted to the outcome. Your business will grow with or without any one person. The point of this phrase is that you at least want them to take a look at what you’re doing. This could result in home business referrals, which are awesome. This is why you want to invite everyone you know because you at least want them to understand what you’re doing and why.

Here’s how it would go:

“This may or may not be a fit for you, but I definitely would love for you to understand what I’m doing, because we may be able to help each other out.”

“You may know some people I should be talking to.”

This sort of follows up on the previous network marketing recruiting phrase. Even if someone doesn’t see your business as a fit for them, they might know some people who would be open to at least taking a look at it.

This phrase also pays them a complement since it implies they are in a position to help you. I usually add something like “You’re one of the most collected people I know” or “You seem like a pretty connected person.”

“If I… would you…?”

I learned this one from Eric Worre–one of the top network marketing trainers and ambassadors in the world. It’s really powerful because it implies a mutual benefit. Here are some examples:

“If I sent you a link to a 15-minute video, would you watch it by tonight?”

“If I sent you some samples, would you try them by tomorrow?”

“If I invited you to an exclusive business presentation, would you come?”

Again, this is another phrase that is not pushy or salesy. You are simply seeing how open they are. You’re telling them you will do something to benefit them, and you’re seeing if they will in return do something for you. Go back and read those three again and just try to say NO to them.

“What did you like best?”

I use this phrase when following up with people after they have seen the business opportunity presentation.

Asking “what did you like best” begs a positive response. You want to get an idea of what their focus is and what part of the opportunity piqued their interest. You can then relate to what they liked best, because you probably like the same thing they like. You might also follow that up with “Great, what else did you like?”

I don’t ask, “So, what did you think?” That solicits a negative response because people love to poke holes in things. Keep it positive and build on that.

“What time works for you?”

Never leave it up for your network marketing prospect to get back in touch with you. It’s probably not going to happen. People are busy, so stay in control of the conversation. It’s your business, SO OWN IT!

If you are meeting up with them in person or sending them a tool like a video to watch, ask them what time works best for them. This works because you are asking for a specific time and you’re working around their schedule. Usually if you ask people for as specific time that works for them, they will give you one.

The point of this phrase is to set a time for the next appointment so that you are getting back in touch with them. You are in control. This will eliminate a ton of chasing. (See more network marketing follow-up tips here.)

“Will you make yourself available?”

This one has some Jedi mind tricks. Many network marketers use phrases like “can you” or “are you able to” when talking to prospects.

These phrases imply that the prospect is does not have control of their time and that outside circumstances keep them from making decisions. Instead, I like to ask, “Will you make yourself available?”

See the difference? It implies that the prospect has total control. It’s their choice. It also implies a benefit to them. They are making a choice to make themselves available for something that could benefit them.

This question is also harder to say No to.

So, those are eight of my most successful network marketing recruiting phrases. Leave a comment below if you got some value from those and let everyone know some of your own successful phrases. Let’s review:

Be in a hurry.
See if they are just open.
Don’t be addicted to the outcome.
Ask for referrals.
Focus on mutual benefit.
Keep it positive.
Stay in control.



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