Want Network Marketing Success? Learn to Sort People.

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Many people like to point out that the vast majority  of people (often more than 90 percent) involved in network marketing end up quitting. But is that actually a bad thing?

Can you still be successful if most people quit? ABSOLUTELY!

The reason is that network marketing is nothing more than a sorting game.

Learn how to sort people, and you can’t help but be successful. This happens at a few different levels, and it’s a lot like sorting through a pile of coins.

Some people will be pennies. Others will be nickles. Some will be dimes. A few will be quarters.

You’re looking for the quarters.

Top network marketing leaders know that they don’t NEED a high retention rate in order to be successful. They just need a few people who stick around and treat their business seriously. They understand the numbers and are willing to play the sorting game.

Think of this as continuing to pour people through a funnel or filter. The RIGHT ones will eventually come out, and those are the ones you’re looking for.

Sorting During Network Marketing Recruiting

The first level of sorting is when you are recruiting for your network marketing business. This could be for potential business partners or customers.

This usually happens when you are inviting people to take a look at your business or to try your product. This level will be your highest rate of success, because more people will agree to just take a look or try a product sample than people who will buy or join.

And that’s OK. That’s the sorting game!

At this point, all you’re doing is sorting through the people who are open to just taking a look or trying something.  Here’s my favorite question to use in this sorting stage:

“Are you open to looking at ways to earn some addition income if it didn’t interfere with what you are currently doing?”

Sorting to Find People Who Join Your Network Marketing Business

So now that you sorted through people who took a look at your business, it’s time to sort through these people to find the ones who will actually join. This applies to customers as well. Of the people who tried your product, you are looking for the ones who will become our customers.

Again, imagine that you are pouring people through a funnel or a filter. You don’t know who will come out the other end, but those are the people you will work with.

Every stage of the sorting process will get you closer to the people you are looking for.

Remember to set a specific follow-up time, and don’t be afraid to ask for a decision. Here are a couple effective things I like to say/ask to sort through people at this stage.

When someone watches a presentation video:

“Did that make sense to you?”

“What did you like best?”

“What else did you like?”

“Sounds like you’re ready to get started.”

Those are just a few examples that keep things positive and keeps you in control of the conversation. Check this link below for some of my favorite and most effective network marketing recruiting phrases and scripts:

8 Successful Network Marketing Recruiting Phrases [Video]

Keep in mind that fewer people will actually join your business than the number of people who took a look at it. But that’s the game. The numbers get smaller and smaller at every stage in the sorting process as you get closer and closer to finding the right people.

Sorting to Find People Who Stay in Your Network Marketing Business

After people have actually taken a look at your network marketing business (maybe an online video or a live presentation) or tried your product, the next stage is sorting through people who actually join your business or buy from you.

OK, so some people joined your network marketing business. Great! Now what?

You just kick your feet up and watch the money roll in, right?

Uhmmm no.

Just because people join your business or become your customer doesn’t mean that the sorting game is over. Have you ever had someone join your network marketing business and do absolutely NOTHING? I’ve had that happen more times than I could ever remember.

Some people will do nothing. Others will do a little bit. Others will take action for a while then quit. A few will stick around for a long time.

That’s the sorting game at this stage. It can take several months, but the idea is the same as in the first sorting stage. You’re looking for the people who will stick with it (of course, assuming you are one of those people!).

The biggest thing to remember about playing the sorting game is that you are simply looking for the right people. Most people will not join your business or become your customer. If you prepare yourself for that, you will be fine.

The more people you sort through, the more of the right people you will find to join your network marketing business. Have fun with it!

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