Email Marketing Campaign Personalization Tips

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You know when you get an email and your name is in the subject line or in the opening salutation? I bet you open more of those emails (or at least they catch your eye more). The reason is, it works! Here are some email marketing campaign personalization tips to get more people opening and reading your emails.

If you are capturing subscriber emails and their first name on your email opt-in forms or pop-ups, you definitely want to use that to your advantage. Being able to personalize your email is as simple as using a “name” field in your capture form, pop-up or landing page. Whatever you actually label that field is up to you, but typically you just need someone’s first name to personalize your email campaigns.

email marketing personalization field

Once you have a subscriber’s name, you can simply just select the “name” field, for example, where you want their first name to appear. On your end in your email service editor, you might see a code (also called a merge tag) such as {name} but that just lets you know you are inserting the “name” field.

Your subscriber will see their name on their end when they get the email, or whatever they entered in the “name” field when they subscribed to your list.

Email Personalization Best Practices

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When personalizing your email campaigns, don’t overdo it. You don’t ALWAYS have to use someone’s name. Sometimes you might want to use it in the subject line and then not in the email body. Or you might want to switch that up – not in the subject line but do use it in the email.

Yes, personalizing your emails can connect more with your subscriber. Remember, even if your email list has 10,000 subscribers, you are still writing to one person. So, write as though you were writing a letter to just one person.

Sometimes, it might make sense to use their name more than once. For example, if you want to circle back to a point you’re making, or if you want to address the person again.

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