The #1 Most Overlooked Network Marketing Recruiting Tip

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One of the best things about network marketing is being able to work with a team of like-minded people. Leveraging the support of your team is invaluable, but so many network marketers fail to do it. In this post, we take a look at the number one most overlooked network marketing recruiting tip and why it’s so important for adding new people to your business.

The 3-Way Call

If you’ve never heard of using a 3-way call to grow your business, then you’re missing out on an important tool that can create a massive positive shift in your recruiting.

Editor’s Note: This guest blog post was written by network marketing professional and coach Tyler Redman. Tyler is based in Dallas, Texas, and his goal is to provide as much value as possible to the home-based business owner through live broadcast trainings, social media, blogging, coaching and mentoring. Check out his work and tons of free coaching at

The 3-way call is the most effective way to validate the opportunity for your prospects. They need to be able to get their questions answered and their concerns addressed somehow. Leveraging the knowledge and experience of an upline partner is the best way to do that.

When you talk to your friends and family about your product, service or opportunity, they know that you’re not an expert in your niche. It’s a psychological thing. They know you. So they likely need to hear from someone they don’t know who is also more experienced than you.

Enter your sponsor or upline expert.

3-Way Calls Provide Validation

When you get someone on the phone with your prospect who is one relationship removed from you, all of a sudden they’re an expert, whether they really are or not. Your prospect is able to have a detailed discussion about their questions or concerns with someone that, in their mind, really knows what they’re talking about.

Speaking to someone other than you about their questions also shows them that they don’t have to know everything about your opportunity to be successful at building the business. All they have to be able to do is introduce their prospects to a leader, just as you did with them.

What to Do on a 3-Way Call

So, how exactly does a 3-way call work?

The validation call is conducted right after your prospect views your opportunity. So, at this point, you have already done your invite and set up a time for them to see the plan.

Before you call them to show the plan you want to make sure you have talked to an upline leader in advance. Text your leader and let them know when you’re meeting with your prospect and that you might need a 3-way validation call.

Once that’s done, call your prospect or meet with them at the scheduled time to show them the opportunity. After they’ve seen the plan ask them two, very simple questions.

  1. Did that make sense?
  2. What did you see that you liked best?

Usually, I like to ask the second question more than once. Check out some more network marketing follow-up tips here. This gets them thinking (and talking) about all of the positives things that they saw in the opportunity. It also gets them to take steps in the direction of joining you in business.

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Then ask them if they’re ready to get started. This question seems extremely blunt but it will cause people to naturally categorize themselves into one of three groups based on their responses.

  1. They will tell you “no,” flat out. No problem, sign them up as a customer.
  2. They will tell you “yes.” Sign them up as a distributor on the spot.
  3. They will have questions, concerns or hesitation.

On average you will see about 10% of prospects filter into the A and B groups respectively and about 80% of people will filter into group C. It’s with the entirety of group C that you complete the 3-way validation call.

When they start bringing up questions or concerns say something to this effect:

“I completely understand where you’re coming from. When I first saw the opportunity I had the same questions/concerns. What I found was that this business is not something I had to do alone. I have a team of people willing to help me build my business and so would you. As a matter of fact, hold on just a second…”

The “hold on just a second,” is the most important part. At this point you’re going to put the conversation on hold and call your upline leader who should be waiting for your call. It’s crucial that you don’t ask their permission to get the leader on the line. They would tell you that they didn’t want to talk to anyone else, so just do it.

Don’t worry, no one has ever chewed me out for calling in an expert to answer their questions. In fact, they usually appreciate that I humble myself enough to let someone who is more educated in this subject address their concerns.

3-Way Call Key Tips!

At this point make introductions. Be sure to build up both the leader and the prospect to each other. Then mute your line and don’t say another word until the call is over. You can’t call in an expert and then interrupt them! That ruins their credibility, and their expert status goes out the window if you try to interject and talk over them.

By the end of the call your upline leader will have asked your prospect for a decision or at least see if they’re willing to have another exposure to the opportunity if they still aren’t sure whether or not to join. Thank the leader for their time and hang up that side of the line once all of the questions have been addressed. It’s important that you don’t get off the phone with your prospect until their next exposure to the business is scheduled.

Top Earner’s Tip: Never end one exposure without scheduling the next one. The goal is to go from exposure to exposure without loss of enthusiasm.

The best part about a 3-way call is that it is extremely duplicatable. Your new business partners don’t have to know how to answer people’s questions or concerns. They just need to know how to make an introduction. That’s all that you did with them. If you’re using the 3-way call, your new recruits will in turn do the same thing with their prospects. Remember, in this industry it’s not what works but what is duplicatable. People will do what you do, not what you tell them to do.

That’s it. Super simple, right? Start using the 3-way validation call in your network marketing recruiting and you’ll tart to see some big differences in your results.

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