4 Secrets to Add 2 New People to Your Business This Week

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Do you struggle with getting people to look at your network marketing business, or try your products or service? Do you have trouble even starting the conversation?

If so, I have 4 simple secrets you can start using right now to add 2 new people to your business this week. So get out your list of prospects. I suggest using these on roughly 10 to 12 prospects this week so that you can find your two new team members.

Be in a Hurry

Being in a hurry is huge! It sets the tone right from the beginning. This works perfectly over the phone. The idea is to set up an appointment and get off the phone quickly. There are a few reasons why this works.

Try something like this: “Hi, [FRIEND’s NAME], I’m kinda in a hurry but I wanted to see if you’d do me a favor. It will only take you a few minutes.”

So, you’ve set the tone from the start and asked for a quick favor. If they ask what it is or to explain it, you can go right back to the fact that you are in a hurry. “Well, like I said, I’m in a hurry so I can’t explain it right now…”

When they agree to do you a favor, then set the appointment to show them your tool, whether it’s a video, printed tool or maybe a product sample. Maybe you’re inviting them to an event or live presentation. If it’s a video, you might see if they can watch it right then. If not, set the appointment so that you can get back in touch with them. Ask them for a specific time that works for them. The key is to set a specific time for you to get back in touch with them.

Another reason it’s important to be in a hurry is that it lets you make several appointments to show people your business or sample your products. Write down these appointment times so that you don’t forget. Sit down and make several invites in a short amount of time by being in a hurry!

If I… Would you…

This is one of my top three secrets for getting more people to look at your business. This phrase is bank!$!$

Here are a few specific examples:

“If I sent you a link to a short video, would you watch it by tonight?”

“If I sent you a couple samples, would you try this this weekend?”

“If I invited you to an exclusive event, would you make yourself available?”

Can you feel yourself saying “yes” to those right now? The power behind it is that it implies a mutual benefit. “If I did X for you, would you do X for me?”

Start using that and add it to being in a hurry. Keep it very simple and very short.

Ask Them What They Do for Work

This is a great cold-market prospecting tip. These are strangers you meet or people you barely know. If you strike up a conversation with someone at the park or maybe at your kids’ games.

When you ask people what they do for work (or for a living) they almost always ask you the same question. This is your opening. Tell them what you do full-time and then also mention your part-time network marketing business.

The reason you want to mention that it’s part-time is because you are showing them that you have a full-time commitment and build your business on a part-time basis. This way they can see themselves doing something part-time as well.

This is when you can as them if they would be open to looking at a way to make extra money if it didn’t interfere with what they are already doing. Asking “would you be open to…” is also a major key. So write that down, lock it in and use it, use it, use it. More on how to use that money-making phrase here!

Use the Indirect Approach

This is the behind-the-back Magic Johnson pass of inviting.

The indirect approach sells it past them. This would be if you asked someone if they are open to taking a look at your business for reasons other than themselves. Here are a few ways you can use this:

“You’re a lot more experienced at business than I am, so would you be open to looking at what I’m doing to give me some advice?”

“I know this probably isn’t something you’d be interested in, but you are pretty well-connected, so you probably know some people I should  be talking to.”

“I know this probably isn’t for you, but I definitely want you to know what I;m doing because we might be able to help each other our down the road.”

The indirect approach basically affirms their value to you and sort of lifts them up. It makes them the one who is in a position to help you.

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