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Most all network marketing companies today provide a replicated website for you to sell products or services, and to enroll other people into the business.

This can be a great tool that takes a ton of the responsibility off of you. You don’t have to worry about collecting or processing payments, delivering products or keeping a big inventory. Many websites also come complete with great info and videos that do a lot of the business opportunity presenting for you.

Not quite sure what I mean by “replicated website?” This is the website the company provides its reps to sell products or enroll people in a service. Every rep’s account is tied to their account so that they get the credit or commission.

While these websites can be great for your business, there are a few major problems with the way most network marketers use their replicated website, especially the way they use them online. You might find you’re guilty of a few of these (I certainly used to be).

Replicated Websites are NOT a Billboards or Commercials

Raise your hand if you’ve ever pasted (a nice way to say “spammed”) your network marketing replicated website link on social media. C’mon… raise your hand high… don’t lie! Lying’s the devil.

It happens all the time. People slap their link on Facebook with something like “Hey, ladies! Who wants 9% Off your order of Smelly McSmell Candles? Order below!” Or “Looking for three money-motivated people who want to make $300 this week. Click below for more info.”

People treat their network marketing website as if it’s a shiny, irresistible billboard or slick commercial that’s going to do all the work for them. While a replicated website can be a great way to introduce people to the business opportunity, it is not the gateway. It’s  not meant to be a lead tool. It’s not a business card you pass out to anyone.

Simply firing out your links out to the masses is a sure-fire why to get no results. Another reason this doesn’t work: everyone else does it.

Plus, people typically don’t go to social media to buy stuff. They go to connect with people.

Wait Until People are Ready to Buy or Join

Treat your website link as if it’s the most precious thing in your business. Not just anyone can see it. It’s too cool. Too valuable.

Once someone if ready to buy or join, then give them the link, or even better–place their order or enroll with them. The key here is to use your replicated website as the end result. It’s not meant to generate interest.

Your link is not the lure on your fishing pole. It’s the bucket you put the fish in once they bite your lure.

Create interest FIRST. Focus on the results. If you made enough bonus money to take your family on a vacation, use that. Post pics while on vacation. Focus on the lifestyle. People want that and are drawn to that.

If you have weight loss products, as another example, focus on the results people are getting. You don’t even need to mention the name of the product or company.

People don’t want a weight loss shake. They want to look and feel better. They want to drop four pants/dress sizes. They don’t want more B vitamins in their diet. They want more energy. See the difference?

Look at it as if you are guiding them every step of the way, focusing on their wants and needs and how you can solve those. Your network marketing website is the end of that process. Not the beginning.

It’s the Same as Everyone Else’s

Another problem with network marketing replicated websites is that they are all the same. This is fine for a professional shopping cart that is easy to navigate. And it’s cool that your website is tied to the company system and instantly credits you for sales.

The problem is that yours looks exactly  like everyone else’s. It might have your name and contact info on there somewhere, and it probably has your username in the URL, such as

This makes it impossible for you to use your site to brand yourself. If you want to stand out online, you need to brand yourself. People will be buying, enrolling or joining YOU. If they weren’t then they could just go to Google and search for any random website tied to your company.

To create an online presence that attracts, through blogging, videos or attraction marketing, you need your own home–a website that you control and can brand to you. This makes you look much more professional, and it brands you as the expert.

This way, you are marking yourself, and all the great benefits of your product, service or opportunity, without giving away exactly what it is. This draws people to YOU.

Don’t Spoil the Movie!

When you’re so quick to send out your links, you spoil the movie.

It’s the same thing as someone coming up to you telling you about this awesome movie they just saw and telling you all about it, even the quadruple twist jaw-drop ending.

Yeah, not cool.

Spamming out your replicated website takes away the intrigue and screams “BUY FROM ME, PLEEEEEAAAASE!!!!”

It’s been said many times, and it’s true: People hate being sold to, but they love to buy. Throwing out your link just says, “Here, buy from me.”

It’s impersonal. It’s lazy. It’s salsey. It seems desperate. It takes away your ability to truly help someone based on their specific needs.

It shows people you care more about the sale than you do helping them with what they want and need.

So, avoid these common misuses of your network marketing company’s replicated websites. It can be a powerful tool, but you, and the industry as a whole, will be much better off if you use it the right way.

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