Why You Must Attend Network Marketing Events

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I recently saw some dude leave a comment on one of Ray Higdon’s training videos about attending network marketing events. He said that his team doesn’t attend events because they use conference calls and webinars.

Umm, yeah. Here’s the thing about events vs. technology: the technology should be used to drive people to events, because NOTHING can replace going to live events.

Conference calls, webinars, hangouts and live videos are great for maintaining consistent communication with your team. But nothing is the same as actually being at a live network marketing event such as a training, business presentation or convention.

Get Around Like-Minded People

The world is full of people who just don’t think like you think. They don’t understand what it takes to build a business. They laugh, ridicule and spew their negativity whenever they can.

Getting around people who do think like you and are after the same goals you’re after is invaluable. That’s exactly what happens at network marketing events. And guess what… you get to NETWORK!

There is an energy and confidence that cannot be replicated over a call or webinar.

Network Marketing Events Work for You

Events not only help you build belief in your business and your company, they also do a lot of work for you by doing the same for your teammates. Get as many people on your team as you can to attend your company’s events and trainings.

When you bring your team to events, the event does the training, edification and inspiration for you. The more people you bring, the more money you can make coming out of the event.

Build from event to event. Make it a goal to bring more people to the next event that what was at the previous event.

Expand Your Network

One of the things I love most about attending my network marketing company’s events is meeting people from all over the country. They are from all different backgrounds and experiences. Developing relationships with like-minded people is invaluable. You never know what that can develop into.

I have met so many people who have given me tips and coaching, and have helped my team members in different parts of my sate and throughout the country. One thing I learned very quickly in this business is that the most successful people focus on building a massive network, both inside and outside of their business.

Events are Fun… and a Tax Write-off

Network marketing events aren’t your typical company meetings.

My company spends about $500 per attendee to put on our annual convention, which spans four days of training, networking and some of the most followed and respected speakers int he world. Our cost is a fraction of that. But guess what… it’s also a tax write off. So are all the meals I buy during the event and the miles I drive to the event.

All for hanging out with people I love to be around and learn from. If you’re wondering why you should go to your network marketing events, start asking yourself, “Why not?”

What will you miss if you DON’T go?

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