Need to Motivate Your Team? Run a Contest

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Would you like to earn an all-expenses-paid trip to a place like this? I’ll show you how my team just ran a contest to go to this exact place, and how running a contest can help get your team into action.

“How do I motivate my team?”

“How do I get my team to take action?”

“What’s the best way to kick my team in the butt?”

It might be the most common issue in building a home-based business or network marketing business. Everyone runs into this issue, and if you stick with your business, you will run into it more times than you can count.

The best answer to get your team off their butts and building is to lead by example. Show them how it’s done. Everyone has their commitment level based on their goals and what they are willing to sacrifice. But your team will almost never do more or build faster than you. If you want them to go to events, you better be there and be the first to get your ticket. If you are looking for a “runner,” then go out there and be a runner.

But another good way to get some action generated is to hold a contest.

This could be a team-wide contest focused on customer-gathering, sponsoring, registering for events, or whatever makes sense for your business. Here are a few ideas:

  • Assign a certain number of points for different activities so that there are a few ways to score.
  • Assign a deadline for your team to submit their points.
  • Make the prize something worth striving for. Maybe it’s a weekend getaway for the top finishers (see below for an example my team just ran).
  • Have your team keep track of their points and update the leaders on team calls, chat groups or the team website.

Competition is a great way to stretch people. Not only will they be striving for the prize, but other team members rally around others in the running to help them however they can.

My team just completed a contest than ran a few months. Everyone kept track of their points on a score sheet that could be downloaded and printed off. Contest point leaders were announced almost every week. Here are the ways we awarded points:

1. Personal Promotion to RC, SC or EC = 100 points
2. New Personal Qualified MC = 50 points (Became a consultant in 2016)
3. Personal MC that Registers for Simulcast = 25 points
4. Personal MC that Registers for Simulcast by 12/31/15 = extra 25 points
5. Personal MC that Registers for Ambition 2016 = 50 points
6. Personal Customer = 10 points

The prize that went to the top four in points was a weekend trip to one of the company’s top income earners cabin in New Hampshire. See the photo at the beginning. And that’s not a postcard. That’s an actual photo of the place!

All food and drinks paid for. It’s an awesome time to relax and learn business building tips from the best of the best. In my opinion, it’s invaluable. One of the consultants in my personal organization was one of the four winners!

Get your team to see the value in something like this. Get some testimonials from people who have been on similar trips to talk about the fun they had and the stuff they learned to apply to their business. Contests like this not only create action, they also build culture and teamwork.

If this helped you please feel free to share or comment below. And if you are interested in seeing what my team does to earn cool trips like this, learn more about what we do on this page.

Here are some more pics from other events my team has done:


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