How to Overcome Your Fear of Rejection in Your Home Business

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Overcome Your Fear
Fear of rejection is one of the top reasons why people fail in their home business.

Fear will paralyze you. It will keep you from taking any action. And that will keep you from making money and impacting people in your business.

But, there are some key ways to quickly overcome your fear of rejection so that you can start growing your business. First, you need to understand that what you really fear isn’t rejection.

You Don’t Fear Rejection, You Fear Looking Stupid

The vast majority of people who think they fear rejection do not fear the actual rejection. What you actually fear is looking stupid.

This is why people fear public speaking so much. They fear looking stupid and messing up. People telling you “No thanks” is no big deal (more on this later). Slow down and think about what you are actually scared of. What keeps you from making that phone call or approaching that person you run into three times a week?

It’s fear of looking stupid. You’re scared of messing it up. Knowing that and identifying that is the first step in overcoming the fear.

Expect to Hear ‘No’

When I started to understand that I would hear a lot more “No” than “Yes” I really began to overcome that fear of rejection and looking stupid. When you expect to hear “No,” it completely changes your mindset when inviting and approaching people about your business. Just like any type of business, more people will not engage with you than will.

How many times have you seen a commercial or walked into a store and did not purchase anything you were pitched? It’s the same thing with your home business. So, expect more people to tell you No. In fact, shoot for hearing eight to 12 Nos for every Yes. Expecting to hear No will greatly reduce or eliminate your fear of looking stupid.

Get Around Those Better than You

Everyone has experienced the fear of rejection and looking stupid. Even the best of the best. So, get around these people and learn how they overcame it. Learn from those who are where you want to be.

It’s invaluable to surround yourself with like-minded people who have overcame the exact struggles you are going through. Ask them how they overcame their fear. Find out what specific actions they took and what resources they plugged into to overcome that fear.

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