Secret Google Tools to Attract Your Target Market Online

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“Everyone needs my product!”

“Who COULDN’T use this service?”

“Anyone can benefit from this opportunity!”

All these sound great, and you’ve probably said them before about your product, service or opportunity. (Don’t lie! Lying’s the devil.)

I’ve done it, too.

But the truth is, you have to know your target market. If you’re targeting everyone, you’re targeting no one. There are some incredibly powerful and invaluable Google tools to help you find your target market online.

Imagine your dream customer or client. What do they want and need? What do you have that serves that want and need? Maybe it’s a product, a service or just information.

How great would it be to have your dream clients and customers FIND YOU online? (It would be freaking fantastic… that’s how great it would be!)

What if they were contacting you and wanting to work with you?

That’s attraction marketing, and it’s incredibly powerful.

But you have to get specific. None of this “everyone can be my customer” talk. You have to know your market. Here are some things to consider when attracting your target market online:

What are they searching for online?

What specific words are they using?

What questions are they asking?

What problems do they have?

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What if I told you that there are online tools that answer all of these questions and reveal even more about the specific market you’re looking for? Oh, and they’re free!

There are three main secret Google tools you need to be aware of in order to attract and land your dream customers and clients. Keep reading for details on each and how to use them and be sure to watch he demo video at the end of this post.

Google Search and Related Searches

This Google tool is the most obvious, but plenty of people overlook how valuable it can be. When you search for something on Google, the search bar begins to auto-populate other suggested searches. These are based on current popular searches around the words you’re typing.

Also, when you do a search for a specific keyword or phrase, scroll down to the bottom of the search results for Google’s “Other Related Searches” list. This also is based off of other popular searches people are typing in that relate to your search.

So, why is this so awesome? Go ahead… I’ll give you like four seconds to think about it.

[magicactionbox id=”853″]

RIGHT! Because it gives you great ideas on topics your target market is searching for. Soooo, turn these into content for your blog, videos or audios. Use the specific keywords that pull up in the Google searches, and even sprinkle some of the related search terms in your blog posts.

Your target market is TELLING YOU exactly what they’re searching for! Take a minute to pick up the pieces from your blown mind.

For example, a Google search for “weight loss shakes” has these auto-populated and suggested searches:

meal replacement shakes
homemade weight loss shakes
weight loss shakes reviews
body by vi
weight loss smoothies
right size smoothies weight loss shakes
weight loss shake recipes

GoogleOnlineMarketingTools1Goggle Trends

Google Trends is another free but invaluable tool, and it takes the search results a few steps further. Go to to enter keyword or phrase searches just like you would in any Google search. Remember, get specific. This tool is incredibly powerful but simple to understand.

This will generate a report of how this keyword or phrase has been trending each month for the last few years. This is awesome information because it shows you if the keywords you are searching are getting more popular or less popular.

It also shows you other related keywords that are “on the rise.” And, you can even see which countries are searching those keywords most. Play around with different keywords and phrases to find the most popular ones, then create content around those.

Here are Google Trends results showing rising keywords using our “weight loss shakes” example:

meal replacement +300%
best protein shakes +250%
lose weight shakes +200%
meal replacement shakes +130%
diet shakes +120%
protein shakes +110%
whey protein shakes +110%
weight loss shake +80%
protein shake +60%
weight loss diet +60%



Google Keyword Planner


This is an awesome tool that’s part of Google AdWords—Google’s pay-per-click advertising. You do not have to be running ads on Google AdWords to use this. You do need a Google AdWords account, which is free.

The purpose of the Keyword Planner is to show advertisers potential keywords to bid on, including estimated bid costs. It shows how many searches are being done in a month for those keywords, and, like Google Trends, it generates a report on other similar keywords.

You can sort the report on based on monthly searches to see which ones are most popular.

Use all three of these tools to drill down and discover ideas for creating content that serves your target market based on the exact keywords they’re searching. Your dream clients and customers are online telling you exactly what they’re looking for.

This is invaluable and a marketer’s dream come true. It’s real time and about as specific as you can get.

You don’t have to use all these keywords in your content. Just pick a few to focus on.

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