Success Loves Speed: Launch Your Home Business

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Launch Your Business Speed

If you pay attention to the pros (you know, all those people you look at and wonder how they built a large business so successful), you’ll notice something they almost all have in common: they launched their home business.

They didn’t work it here and there when it was convenient. They didn’t work it only on the weekends. They didn’t treat it like a hobby. Why? Because success loves speed!

They treated it like a real business and launched it. (Speaking of that, here are 5 ideas for treating your home business like a real business.)

Launching your businesses doesn’t have to include working several hours a day. You can launch it part time. Here’s why it’s critical to launch your home business.


Condense Your Activity

Launching your business can mean condensing your activities into short periods of time. Here’s an example: Let’s say you have a contact list of 100 people, and in the beginning you only have one hour a day to devote to your business. When we invite people to take a look at our business presentation, which is a 15-minute video, we only spend about 60 to 90 seconds inviting people.

So, in our business, we can make 10 invitations over the phone in roughly 20 minutes, even a little time for some very brief chit-chat. That’s going to be the fastest way to condense the invitation. That means that you could knock out almost one-third of your list (30 people) within one hour, or one day!

Of course, it’s not always going to go perfectly. What matters is that you condense the specific action.

Sort Through the Results

Launching your business helps you sort through the results. So, it gives you activity to follow-up with. It keeps you busy! Hey, if you want big money, you want to be busy, right?

Think of this as pouring people into a funnel and seeing who comes out. The more people you pour into the funnel, the more people you will have join your business or become a customer. Just make sure to keep track of the follow-ups either on a notepad, spreadsheet, or whatever works for you. My team has several different trainings on this.

When you launch your business, you have a lot of activity at once. This prevents the slow, plodding-along activity that frustrates people and ultimately makes them quit.

Show Your Business to Everyone

Another key reason it’s critical to launch your home business is to show everyone your business. Here are three secrets for getting more people to look at your business. Even if people you invite to look at your business isn’t interested, you at least want everyone you know to understand what you are doing.

You want people to think of you and remember what you do because they may be able to send you some referrals. Generating a lot of activity when you launch your business will create these walking referral portals. When you have people bringing your customers or potential business partners because they respect you and want to help you, that’s a wonderful thing!

Success Loves Speed

When you launch your home business, you are focusing on speed. Speed is your best friend. Through speed you will create depth and duplication. Don’t worry about doing it perfectly. You will learn as you go. The more activity you have, the more you will learn.

It’s not “speed over strategy.” Speed IS the strategy.

Your team will almost never go faster than what they see you doing. But, many of your team members will do what they see you doing, even if it’s not yet at your level. You have to take the lead. Show’em how it’s done. This will create the depth and duplication.

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