Why You’re Not Attracting Customers on Social Media

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OK, so here’s the deal: yes, social media can be an awesome tool for attracting people to your business.

It can also be a great tool to repel people.

Attraction marketing is a powerful way to grow your business by finding your dream customers, but if done the wrong way, it can quickly turn into REPELLENT marketing.

We’ve all seen it littering all kinds of social media platforms. People posting about their 10% off sales, or telling everyone they’re about to place an order, or letting everyone know about their new product line and how everyone needs it and you’d be crazy not to want this new magical pill with ingredients harvested by indigenous people deep in the Amazon.

Just crazy stuff.


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Understand Intent on Social Media

One of the biggest advantages you can have when using social media to grow your business is to understand the intent of people who come to certain platforms. What a lot of people do is post the same salsey thing across all social media platforms without trying to understand why people are there in the first place.

For example, people aren’t on Facebook to buy stuff. They go on Facebook to connect with their friends and family, and to keep up with current events. It’s SOCIAL.People go to YouTube to learn and to be entertained. They’re not on there for promotional videos.

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If you have products, don’t post about your specific products. Instead post about what the products do. Talk about and show the results. In fact, you might not even mention the name of the products at all.

The purpose is not to sell, but to create curiosity.

That’s what will attract people.

It’s Not About You

No one wants to join you if all  you post is “OK, ladies, who wants to join my team?” or “I’m looking for four people who want to save money. PM me for details.” or “I’m really close to hitting the next major milestone in my business and I’m looking for three more motivated people…”

You can’t make it about you.

If you want to attract people to your business, make it about them. Bring them value. Show them benefits. Pay attention to what attracts you to the products and services that you use.

If you sell kitchenware, don’t talk about why it’s the greatest thing in the universe. Show people how to cook certain things or the easiest way to cut a pineapple. If you sell makeup, do some short makeup tutorial videos. See the difference? Focus on results to bring value to people. Solve their problems with the stuff you post on social media.

Also, take the time to talk to people. Get to know them. Develop relationships. If someone comments on your post or video, respond to it. Carry on the conversation. Find out how you can help.

Remember these words: “What can I do for you?”

You’re Not Branding Yourself

This is a major one that most people miss. Social media is supposed to be social, and PEOPLE are social. Companies and products are not social. Because, uhm, they’re not human.

People want to connect with people, so why would someone make nearly all of their social media posts about their company or products? It doesn’t make sense, but so many people do it. You need to brand yourself.

People are doing business with YOU, so you need to be the brand of your business. If you’re in network marketing or affiliate marketing, for example, you might feel like spreading your company of product all over social media. But there one major problem with that: you don’t own that company.

Not to mention there are probably thousands or tens of thousands of other people associated with the same company doing the exact same thing online. To stand out online, brand yourself. After all, you are you, and even if something happens to the company you’re associated with, you’re not going anywhere.

When branding yourself, be consistent across the social media platforms you use. Have the same profile image and a profile description that sends a consistent message. So, no matter what social media platform people are following you on, the recognize you and know what to expect.

The main thing to keep in mind when using social media to attract customers for your business is to bring value. Always keep in mind what you can do for others. Focus on what they want and need.

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