4 Tips to Keep Customers in Your Network Marketing Business

Keep Customers in Network Marketing Business
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Getting customers in your network marketing business is great, but retaining customers for the long-term is what sets apart the most successful people in the industry.

Plus, with recent FTC investigations, building a large customer base of real end customers is critical to a thriving business.

Now, I’m not talking about distributors who enroll only to get product discounts.

Customer retention requires on-going work, but it can be a lot of fun.

Here are four proven tips for keeping customers in your network marketing business.

#1 Overwhelm customers with value.

It’s really fun to come up with creative ways to make your network marketing customers feel special. And that’s the key.

No matter what business you’re in, customers will never forget how you make them feel.

So, think about how you want your customers to feel, then think about different ways you can bring them value.

Send new personal customers a welcome gift. This doesn’t have to be big—just something that makes them feel special, because guess what… customers ARE SPECIAL!

Send them free samples of new or different products you think they might be interested in.

Send them a birthday card.

Depending on how much product a customer buys, offer them free products or referral incentives.

The Big Key: One of the biggest advantages of the network marketing industry is the ability to bring value to your customers in ways that traditional companies cannot.

#2 Communicate with them consistently.

Maintaining communication with your customers is always important. I’m not talking about trying to sell to them.

Just talk with them.

Find out who they are individually. Give them tips. Teach them how to use the products. Give them new ideas. Entertain them.

This can be done through a lot of avenues such as email, texts, blogs, video conferencing, social media posts or even a simple phone call to check on them.

One of the biggest mistakes network marketers make is taking new customers for granted.

Customers are the backbone of your business. Getting new customers is great, but keeping customers is the goal.

The Big Key: Communicating with customers is actually fun. Focus on them and not your income. It’s about THEM!

#3 Ask your customers what they want and need.

This ties directly into bringing customers value and communicating with them.

Again, it’s not about you. It’s about discovering what you can do for your customers.

Understanding what your customers truly want gives you a direct insight into how you can best serve them.

Conduct polls and give away prizes for customers who participate.

Want to read your customer’s minds? Use these free Google keyword tools to find out the specific keywords they are searching for.

Knowing this can help shape all your communication and content.

The Big Key: One of the best ways to keep customers in your network marketing business is to maintain channels of communication.

#4 Build genuine relationships with customers.

This point is what keeping customers in your network marketing business is all about.

Building relationships is the core of bringing customers value, making them feel special, communicating with them, and discovering what they want and need.

Customers who feel like they have a genuine relationship with a brand (or distributor like you) are much more likely to remain customers.

According to Microsoft, 61% of customers stop buying from a company if they have a poor customer experience.

Most network marketers and direct sellers have a highly manageable personal customer base (I’m not talking about your entire downline customers) small enough to build genuine individual relationships.

Your customers are not all the same.

They buy your products or use your services for so many different reasons. So, don’t treat all your customers the same.  

Brag on your customers who have reached their goals, like weight loss as an example.

Share their individual stories by writing short profiles and sharing with your other customers.

Find out how you can best help each customer. Hold live video Q&As through social media or video conferencing platforms. This can give you a ton of invaluable insight.

The Big Key: Don’t think of customers as sources of income. Think of them as real people with problems and issues that you can help. Because that’s actually what they are.

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