How to Write Blog Posts That Attract More People

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It seems like there are a hundred blogs per second popping up on just about every topic. But what does it take to write blog posts that attract more people? How do you stand out in an endless sea of blogs?

I cover a few key ways you can do this in my eBook – The Secret 6: Six Ways to Go From Blog Beginner to Master in a Week. Let’s look at what I think is the No. 1 thing you can do with your blog writing to attract more people. (HINT: It’s the first secret in my eBook.)

My sophomore year in college one of my writing professors gave me some advice after class that I have kept with me and used it my entire career.

He said it as if he was passing on something invaluable. As if few people knew it or even were allowed to know it.
It was the first secret.

Write Like You Talk

My professor simply told me, “Write like you talk.” It’s one of the best pieces of advice I ever received. It’s ridiculously simple, but something that so many people never consider.

Now, this doesn’t mean word for word. It doesn’t mean the lazy grammar that can slip out when you talk. And it doesn’t mean your crutch phrases (“you know?” “uhm” “I mean”).

When you write your blog posts, make sure it’s YOU. Make sure it’s your voice. You’re not Robert Frost or J.K. Rowling, so don’t try to be them.

I’ve read a lot of people’s blog writing that sounds nothing like them. It’s as if they become a completely different person when they put their fingers on a keyboard.

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I’ve also read a lot of writing that is so real and genuine that you can almost see the writer’s personality in the words they write. That’s good writing! Not necessarily because it’s grammatically perfect, but because it’s real.

Don’t use words or phrases you wouldn’t say. Don’t try to impress people. Being genuine is way more important. If you have a blog, it’s probably something you’re passionate about. Use that. Focus on that.  

If you are more genuine in your writing, your passion about your subject will shine through and connect with your readers. You will also get more fulfillment knowing that your blog is genuine.

Put Your Blog Writing to the Test

How do you test to see if your blog post or article is your voice? Read it out loud. If it doesn’t sound like you—if it sounds odd—it’s probably not your voice. Ask yourself, “Would I talk to someone this way? Do I use these words when I talk?”  

Another way to test your writing it to read it to people who know you well. See what they say. They may pick up on some things that you can’t.

If you’re funny, be funny. If you’re more technical, be technical. Just be you. You’ll attract way more people with your blog writing by being real than you will by trying to be someone you’re not.

It sounds simple, but it’s huge. Practice this a few times and I promise you’ll surprise yourself!

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