How to Create a Free MailerLite Landing Page

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Landing pages (or lead capture pages) can be a powerful way to promote your business, product, eBook or course online. MailerLite lets you create them for free as part of its Webforms feature.

Landing page services such as LeadPages ClickFunnels charge a monthly fee. Sure, those services have more customization, but if you want to create your own professional landing pages for free, give MailerLite a try.

Here are some things you can do with them. Be sure to read through the post and watch the video tutorial at the end where I create a landing page from beginning to end.

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Choose a MailerLite Landing Page Template

Currently there are 10 different landing page templates on MailerLite. All are very professional and completely customizable.

The cool thing about starting with a template is that it gives you ideas for how you want to customize your landing page. You can almost see yours taking shape.

The templates are each focused on a specific purpose, such as to promote an eBook, an online course, or just to announce an upcoming product. You can link these to your email automation that triggers as soon as someone opts in on the landing page.

Complete Email Marketing CourseDrag and Drop

We love seeing the words “drag and drop.” You don’t have to be a graphic designer or coder to create an awesome and landing page with MailerLite.

Each area of the landing pages (such as images, text boxes and social media icons) can simply be dragged onto your landing page editor. From there you can add and customize your content. Change the font size and color. Change the background. Upload and add your own images.

Unique Landing Page URLs

Once you’re done creating your landing page, you can create a unique URL for it. MailerLite uses the domain “” so whatever you add after that will be linked to your landing page (as long as that URL is not already used).

For example:

Click here to see a landing page I created using MailerLite.

You can already create and link a subdomain from your website. But you’ll have to set that up through your Internet service provider.

Another option is to create a line or page on your website that redirects to your landing page. Here’s a link I created that redirects to the same landing page I mentioned above:

Check out this video below showing how to create a free landing page from start to finish:

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